Manage Inbox And Outbox In Gmail

by Marina on June 27, 2012


When you login your Gmail account, the first thing that appears in front of you is your inbox. You inbox is where all your received emails are kept. Whether you have read an email or your email is still unread, it will remain in this inbox until you yourself delete it or move it into some other folder. Often people are so preoccupied with their work and engrossed in just sending and receiving emails that they barely take the time to organize their inbox. Because of this, over time their inboxes get so crowded that it becomes really difficult for them to find an important email they received a few days ago. To avoid this it is important that you learn how to efficiently manage your Gmail inbox and outbox.

On the left hand side pane of your Gmail account you will notice a tab that says ‘outbox’. This is a folder in your Gmail account where you can keep all those emails that you have not yet sent out. Many people require some time when composing an email or it simply could be that you were writing and email but suddenly had to leave for an urgent task. In such scenarios, to avoid hitting the send button on an unfinished email and ending up with more trouble, it is best that you simply put your draft in your ‘outbox’. Your composed email will be safe here and the next time you login you will be able to continue from where you left.

Your inbox and outbox is always best managed if you organize your emails in their adequate folders. All unwanted emails should immediately be deleted to avoid overcrowding of your inbox. All unfinished emails should be saved in outbox.

Here you can see the number (2) appearing in front of the Outbox. This indicates that you have 2 pending emails in this folder. This is how you can efficiently manage your Gmail inbox and outbox.

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