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by Marina on June 9, 2013


Google has recently launched a new web – based email service like Hotmail and Yahoo. This new email service has many perks that you cannot find in other email service providers. Gmail is a totally free service which means that any person who has an internet connection can sign up for Gmail and have his/her own personalized email account. This new email service was first launched by Google in the year 2007. Its unique features include its chat and its phone attributes. This makes is possible for you to access your Gmail account even through your mobile phone. It takes only a few minutes to sign up on Gmail and have your own account.

In order to create your Gmail account you first have to log on to the internet through any computer. Open up the internet explorer that you have on your computer and enter the URL  From here you can then click on the red button on the far right hand side of the webpage that reads ‘CREATE AN ACCOUNT’. When you click on this link you will be taken to another page that will have a form on it. Here you will be asked to enter in your details like your first and last name, a login name, a password, and other such details. The password you should be of at least eight characters. It is always advisable to add numbers to your password to make it difficult to hack.

If you will always be using the same computer for accessing your Gmail account you can choose to save your password in your browser. If you have privacy issues and other people will be using your computer too, then it is best that you uncheck this option. Once you are done filling up this form you will have your very own Gmail account and you will be all set to start enjoying this new email service.

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